The Function Of Ultrasonic Meter


It could possibly be utilised at single-phase stream of gas or fluids. Truth for petrol period of flight yards is/-1.0% of scope using mill manufactured pipe.

Just time-of-flight KP-LOK metering valve  (transit period) meters will likely be utilised. Multi path time-of-flight yards should be contemplated if high accuracy is required or in case right length requirements can’t be met to get one path time-of-flight meter. Ultrasonic meters are ideal to big lines, using large flow speed turndown.

Such a meter is ideal to flare measurement. Such a meter might be employed off-gas out of separators requiring a huge flow speed turn-down, given there was adequate distance for the essential upstream and down stream lengths.

Such a flow meter won’t be utilized for custody move overseas until various problems about testing and inspection are all resolved together with the regulating authorities.

Ultrasonic yards in significant gas service will have retraction mechanics for routine removal under some pressure.

Clamp-on KP-LOK  ultrasonic meters might just be useful for liquid recoil. Clamp-on yards are acceptable for usage in many piping substances.

Ultrasonic meters might be utilised in blood flow.

Ultrasonic meters have quite substantial Ignore ratios up to 100 to 1 in certain programs,


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