A Brief History of Courier Service


We carry many things for granted these days, never realizing how amazing we have it. Earlier generations did not possess lots of the amenities which individuals use every day. Transportation is one particular area that has shifted radically over time and improvements have significantly affected many aspects of existence, for example, rate in which people receive bundles. Evolution of transport systems has transformed into the courier service industry, making it more quickly and easier than before luggage delivery service.

Early Days of Courier Assistance

Couriers have been around for hundreds of years, the earliest being runners, horseback riders, and also trusty homing pigeons that sent messages in what was then considered a timely method. All these were the occasions before mechanized transportation was offered so foot messengers ran for miles to get to their destinations, with hardly any benefit. Even exclusive messengers of royal courts during the old were poorly paid for all their travels.

This business played with a leading part in many historic events in Western history such as the settler migration the gold rush era. Small courier organizations were established throughout the late 19th century, even with all stagecoaches to transmit personal messages into homes where mobile service was not yet offered. A few couriers shipped bundles, luggage, and gold. The Pony Express was later established to transport the items quicker.

Motorized Cars Increase Courier Services

The inventions of railroads and vehicles took this industry to the next stage. After interstate highways were built, couriers could travel across the nation via clean blacktop with bundles in tow. Bicycle and motorcycle couriers started showing up in big towns, hauling documents as well as other packages in 1 end of town to the other. Air planes were commissioned to send bundles fast over the longest distances.

Mail-order retail company and increasing postal rates caused couriers to diversify and are more aggressive. The traces between transportation processes blurred, with couriers performing the very same providers as auto transport companies and the U.S. Postal assistance. The greatest industrial couriers raised the speed of their package delivery and more compact operations made available a broader collection of companies to satisfy local needs cheap international couriers.

To day, the courier business is valued at roughly $ 5-9 billion, a guess which foot messengers never fathomed. Organizations in nearly every market use these transport solutions to deliver records and bundles to one another or to customers. Millions of private consumers use couriers to transport gifts, letters, along with other items to all other round the nation and across the whole world.