What to Look For When Considering Hair Extensions


There are many titles for and types of hair extensions now it is not any wonder people are frustrated and confused if they don’t receive the luxury hair they need – or worse, wind up using damaged hair and/or less hair than they ever started with.

When there are numerous “marketing” names and brands to get forms of extensions, they all fall somewhere in the next categories. Individual bonding, Personal Links, Braiding, Wefted hair with some type of either “weave” or clips, skin wefts that are applied with adhesive and also hair attached with some form of base that may be trimmed inside.


HOW LONG HAVE THEY BEEN PROVIDING HAIR EXTENSIONS? HOW MANY HAVE THEY DONE? Generally, stylists that specialize in Halo Hair Extensions, have a long time experience, and that have implemented at 300 services – have a greater probability of providing you with an excellent result. Additionally you want to be certain that the photos in their own portfolio is their very own work and maybe not photos purchased in the hair company.

HOW MANY METHODS OF APPLYING HAIR EXTENSIONS ARE THEY FAMILIAR WITH? When many stylists may prefer one method, you need someone who’s very knowledgeable about many of the strategy out there. Are you currently assessing the expansion to your precise circumstance? Ask them WHY they like the way they are using? Is it as it’s the best way for you? Or can it be the only path they know which is being sold for them by just one company? Even though I have WORKED using virtually every method available (I am familiar with techniques) I prefer a finer weave technique using wefted hair since I find in many cases this causes no or very minimal damage, gives better fullness, and may be actually the cheapest at the very long run. If I think the customers’ hair really is too feeble and damaged to start with, I would urge a removable platform so the clients’ own hair isn’t further damaged. I really don’t earn too much money as you’d with weaving, bonding, or links, but it’s the best method for that specific customer.

ARE THEY CONCERNED IF YOUR HAIR IS FINE? ARE THEY Worried about YOUR HAIR INTEGRITY Whatsoever? In case the stylist does not appear to notice your hair is very nice or seem concerned once you say your own hair breaks easily – it isn’t just a fantastic sign. Regrettably, everyone “says” their way will not hurt the hair. The skill of the person applying the extensions and also the condition of your hair is also a significant element.

DO THEY HAVE DETAILED KNOWLEDGE OF Different HAIR QUALITY TYPES? Hair quality and color complement is probably the most crucial factor concerning the way “real” your own hair extension will appear. Your stylist should have a comprehensive knowledge about hair loss quality. Human hair is a standard term for a lot of hair is not very good quality. There are several terms used to describe hair caliber plus it may differ with each and every lady. Here is an overall list from the highest quality down: Russian virgin hair that is black, Italian Cuticle blend, European Cuticle, European Remy, Indian Remy, Chinese individual, along with Yaki human. Ninetynine percentage of those bonding systems on the market use Indian Remy hair that’s maybe not exactly the “most useful” hair available – especially in lighter colors. Custom blending to fit hair color and texture is really important therefore where your own hair ends and the expansion begins, is completely imperceptible.

You have to go with your gut on that one. However if you’ve got legitimate issues and questions and they are letting you know what’s wonderful rather than discussing the benefits and drawbacks – Beware.

If they don’t really give one special, written, maintenance care guidelines – either they don’t really care or they do not know. I can not believe how many people have come for me to get rid of hair thinning hair extensions because these were never told by their own stylist to braid the hair when swimming. You cannot dip into a pool with your own hair “flowing” using ANY type of hair expansion. It’s likewise important to get timely care, and appropriate hair care techniques. There are particular shampoos and conditioners which work well with extensions and also others that do not. Price is not always the determining factor in this one.

While baldness is very costly and custom made or ordered, it is too expensive to repay as you “changed your mind” or your boyfriend or mother don’t accept. You ought to be 100% sure before proceedings with hair extensions. However, in the event the hair mats, is falling out in clumps, or even the color does not fit, the stylist should stand behind the job and also make it right for you personally.

Do Your Research. Familiarize yourself with the kinds of extensions available and the vocabulary used in the company. The web has extensive info and will give you insight. When you’re informed, you’ll be able to ask better questions to determine if what the stylist has to offer is perfect for you personally. Superior hair extensions are a investment. It’s really a shame when clients receive sub-quality work and/or damage for their own hair. Regrettably, I’ve got clients where I was the next person they found before finally receiving amazing, quality hair that resembles their very own.