Tips For Setting Up Low Priced WordPress Sites


If you want to set up a great looking site or blog without spending a fortune, WordPress can be a great option. Here are some ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality.

Look for Low Cost Hosting

There are some great WordPress hosting options out there that will charge you a low monthly rate for hosting services. Shop around.

Beware: Don’t fall victim to the ‘free hosting’ offers. Some wouldn’t go as far as to call it a scam but the truth of the matter is that if you host your business site or blog on a free site, you’re probably benefiting someone else who could have control over your content and who could put competitor advertisements on your site — taking your customers away from you. Arrange your own hosting. You can find great low cost options that help you retain control.

WordPress Theme OptionsĀ Reseller Hosting

There are several options for WordPress themes. In terms of pricing, they can be free, moderately priced, or more expensive. A free theme might sound like a good idea but bear in mind that you may not be able to do as much with the layout and design as you want. And, the WordPress designer will probably want their footer links left in. Some free templates link to sites that you might not want associated with your website. Your search engine rankings could even be negatively impacted if your site is connected with the wrong sort of site. Perhaps you don’t want to invest in a customised WordPress theme. A premium theme could be the right choice as it will provide a lower cost option with potentially great results.

Web Design Extras

There are free plug-ins, free and low cost image websites to create visual appeal, and you can find great designers to help you customise your site as well. A lot of little extras could add up to a great user experience for your customers and the branding and imaging that helps you position your company the way you want cheap web hosting.

Obtaining Expertise

If you want to get help setting up, maintaining, or optimising your website so it’s an effective marketing tool, there are a number of options for expertise. Some large marketing companies charge a fortune. Some low cost consultants charge such a low rate that you have to wonder what you’re really getting. Not all marketing gurus have your best interests at heart so do due diligence before hiring an expert. Cost isn’t the only consideration to factor in when hiring someone for any area of your e-commerce strategy.

There are some valuable products and services that can help you keep website setup costs low while yielding great results. A WordPress blog can be a low-cost but robust and valuable business site that helps you reach target customers and achieve great traffic. Talk to experts for help with optimisation, link building, for web design and support, and any premium add-ons or social media themes. The right advice coupled with great tools could help you keep costs at a minimum and maximise the return on your small investment.

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