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Temples in Shanghai – Unruffled and Serene, Artistic and Enchanting


Shanghai City, resting on the estuary of Asia’s longest river Yangtze, is teeming with many historical attractions that reveal the glorious past of China. Shanghai boasts an impressive skyline adorned with architectural marvels epitomizing the city’s booming economy.

The city is like a microcosm of China when it comes to religions, sustaining five religions altogether namely Taoism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam and Protestantism. A sightseeing tour in Shanghai will let you visit some of its temples, churches and mosques where some of them may have restrictions on access and dress codes.

Shanghai is quite famous for its temples be it Buddhist, Taoist or Confucius. While touring Shanghai make it a must to visit temples like Jade Buddha Temple, Longhua Temple, Confucius Temple and the Temple of the Town Gods also known as the City God Temple. thirukadaiyur temple These temples are known as the best temples in Shanghai portraying enthralling craftsmanship and excellent architectures of the Chinese.

One of the most famous temples in Shanghai is the Jade Buddha Temple that houses the world famous image called Jade Buddha. The temple you see today, resting in the west of Shanghai, was built in 1928 but its predecessor was built in 1882. The old temple couldn’t survive through a revolution but the two Jade images enshrined there were well preserved.

These statues, a Sitting Buddha and Recumbent Buddha, are carved off white jade stones while the former is embedded with precious jewels. The interior halls of Jade Buddha Temple are captivating and exhibits old paintings and scriptures.

Longhua Temple on the other hand is one of the biggest temples in Shanghai and is also mostly frequented by the devotees and tourists. The temple sits in the centre of Shanghai in Xuhui District. The first thing you notice when you enter the temple is its soaring pagoda, around 40 metres in height, which dates back to the tenth century. This temple nestles a large collection of statues that includes the 500 golden Lohans and Four Heavenly Gods among others.

The Confucius Temple of Shanghai is locally referred to as Wen Miao and is also known as the Confucian Temple. You can reach this temple when you arrive at the Huangpu District which sprawls in the central Shanghai.

The Confucius temple was built in the mid 19th century and was renovated in late 20th century. It houses a courtyard snuggling some souvenir shops besides historical tablets that hail from Ming and Qing dynasties. One of its halls, Dacheng Hall, houses a camphor image of Confucius and is enclosed by walls entirely scribed with Confucian teachings.

If all you need is a respite away from the noisy environs then temples in Shanghai can provide you a haven to calm, purify and relax your mind. Whether you are an art buff, a culture enthusiast or simply a curious tourist a visit to Shanghai temples will definitely prove worthy.

Sightseeing tours can be time consuming as much as tiring so it is inevitable that you wish to recuperate before your next adventure. This is where the day spas in Shanghai come in handy. If you prefer to treat yourself lavishly, then consider the exclusive Chuan Spa that will indulge you in an array of luxury spa treatments. Visit the peaceful Shanghai temples that will calm and de-stress your mind, then return for a therapeutic treatment that will heal and rejuvenate your body. Can there be any better holiday in Shanghai?

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