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VLC Media Player’s Return To The App Store Is a Relief!


After two years of its absence, the VLC media player has returned to the iOS app store on July 19th 2013! For many lovers of the VideoLAN player like myself, it is a huge relief to once again have the app on my iOS devices. The question I had in mind during the anticipation of my favorite media player was, what will be different about this app? Maybe being off the market for so long caused the new app development to become a little rusty?

I am no longer worried because my high expectations of the new VLC media player app were not only met; they were blown away! Compared to similar apps like Azul, flex player, and Good Player, VLC for iOS is smoother and more stable than ever. The performance and ease of use is remarkable for an app that is so useful and yet available completely free of charge. Creating an app that plays unconverted media files on an iPhone is not an easy task to accomplish for programmers and app developers. The struggle to achieve perfection in a media player is clearly seen in apps like Good Player that have multiple unresolved bugs and crash reports that remain even after multiple updates Happy Chick. Simply download the Good Player app and you will understand my relief in being free of such a horrible application that costs so much for so little.

Having expressed my relief; what are some of the new features in the re-release of VLC media player? Here is a short list of my favorites:

Users can easily copy video files of any format onto the app through iTunes, WiFi upload, and Dropbox.
Change settings for subtitle text encoding in multiple languages including Russian and Spanish.
Pre-existing functions like having the ability to easily download videos from a webserver or open a network stream have become simple to use.

Overall the entire VLC media player iOS app is in very good shape for something that has returned to the market after being in underground mode for so long. The user interface is simple and straightforward; just the way users prefer. We can expect good reviews and high download rates on the apple app store surrounding the VLC player. Personally I would give this app a five star rating on the app store and gladly contribute to the VideoLan development team for all their hard quality work!

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